February Special Events

EQ Training, Somatic Dance + Rapéh Ceremony -

Friday, Feb 23rd


Sonic Journey: A Multi-Instrument Sound Journey with Deep Gongs - Sunday, Feb 25th


In this workshop, you will: 

  • Learn how to alchemize your emotions into energy, expansion, and empowerment. 
  • Activate the power of sensuality and movement as tools for letting emotions move through you. 
  • Go inward and become fully present with the sensations in your body. 
  • Learn practical and effective emotional intelligence tools to help you identify, feel, and release emotions with an open heart. 
  •  Tap deeper into your unique embodiment and expression. 
  • Somatically release stuck emotions and energy in the body by connecting to the senses and the elements. 
  • Learn to feel and allow emotions while feeling safe in your body. 

Bring awareness to protectors that want to fix, get rid of, or avoid emotions. 

Expect to feel lighter, empowered, and inspired by this playshop with Niki and Nikki for double the fun and expansion. This is a space to be in your full embodiment, to play, cry, laugh, growl, shake, and scream. In other words, we’re going to let our freak flags fly, or however you feel called to be, release, and feel!

Ticket: $65

Presale: $60 -Code: ALCHEMIZE5, valid until Feb. 16th


Join Jon & Carolyn as they lead you on a Sonic Journey filled with the immersive sounds of Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Drums, Chimes & other melodic instruments.

You will experience the depth of 4 breathtaking Gongs including a 50” Tone of Life Water Gong, a 44” Chau Gong, a 40” Atlantis Gong and a 32” Paiste Symphonic Gong. These large gongs produce such incredible deep low tones penetrating into the very cellular structure, slowing the brainwaves and harmonizing and balancing body, mind and spirit bringing you into a parasympathetic state of deep relaxation.

Jon & Carolyn view their Sonic Journeys not as a performance or entertainment, but an opportunity to go within, to be led into the heart, into the depths of spirit
and mind where jewels are waiting to be uncovered and explored. Their sound is a work of sacred union where sound brings one into dynamic union with oneself touching ourselves beyond words, taking us to a place of mystery where our true self lives.

Sound can help release stuck energies/emotions that need to be lovingly attended to. Sound and vibration helps us move out of the external into the inner landscape of our lives where new awakenings and possibilities are discovered!

Ticket: $40