We offer deep gratitude to our teachers and the teachers of our teachers for shining the torchlight of knowledge onto our path. May we forever live in their shelter.

Note: If you're interested in teaching at Crown Point Journeys, we encourage you to sign-up for a class and stay for a cup of tea & chat afterward.

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Winter Harvey

Meet Winter, the visionary behind Crown Point Journeys. Winter is a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of training and an initiated Kambo practitioner. Her purpose in creating the studio was to craft a space where spiritual, mental, and physical growth intertwine. Her mission is to inspire others to live a peaceful life through the principles of simple living and consistent spiritual practice.

After a decade working in corporate PR and marketing, Winter's teaching journey began with a 500-hr teaching certification in Hatha & Vinyasa yoga at an eco-community called Krishna Village near Byron Bay, Australia. Her training was deeply rooted in bhakti philosophy, Krishna consciousness, and kriya purification techniques.

Winter earned a second 500-hr teaching certification in Kuala Tantra yoga while studying the tantric and shamanic arts at Durga's Tiger School in Ecuador. She was then initiated as a Tribal Detox Kambo practitioner in 2021. She now serves the powerful Amazonian frog medicine ritual during private ceremonies at Crown Point Journeys.

Winter's thirst for wisdom is unquenchable. Her journey has taken her to the spiritual landscapes of Hawaii, Bali, and India, where she honed skills in intuitive Balinese massage, Reiki, kundalini breathwork, gong sound healing, yin yoga, and trauma-informed yoga specifically for the military community.

In the spring of 2024, Winter and her partner, Nico, will embark on a new chapter in Costa Rica, continuing their mission of healing and enlightenment through yogic and shamanic practices.

Follow Winter's journey @blissoutwithinter

Kristen Tejada-Galdamez

Kristen is a certified Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator who is passionate about helping others reconnect with themselves and the world around them.

Her journey into wellness began after years of working in the corporate world left her burnt out and unfulfilled. Through breathwork, she found a path back to her authentic self and a desire to help others do the same.

Kristen believes in the power of breath to heal, grow, and transform, and she is committed to sharing this transformative practice with her students. Join her for a breathwork session and experience the power of your own breath.

Follow Kristen's journey @Subconscious.Wanders

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Emily Silva Hockstra

Emily is a spiritual life coach and the author of four mindfulness books. One of her books, Sunrise Gratitude, was named in “10 Books That Might Just Change Your Life Right Now.” 

She draws inspiration from nature and writes about how to harness the power of the moon’s cycles. Each month she leads full moon circles in person and online.

A student of yoga since 2005, she received her 200hr yoga certification from Awakening Yoga Academy and a Yin Yoga Teacher certification from Trilogy Sanctuary. She is passionate about the healing power of Yin Yoga and also a Reiki II practitioner; often pairing reiki with her yoga classes.

Her mission is to encourage others to harness their bravery to bring their gifts into the world. 

Follow Emily's journey @soulsadventures

Kelly Dubowski

Kelly Dubowski is a compassionate and dedicated Registered Nurse, Holistic Healing Coach, and Reiki Healing Practitioner based in San Diego.

With a deep passion for holistic wellness and a heart-centered approach, Kelly founded Hope With Kelly, a transformative virtual platform for holistic healing coaching.

Kelly's journey into the world of holistic healing began during her time as a psychiatric and addiction nurse, where she witnessed the profound impact of integrative and alternative healing modalities on her patients' well-being.

Inspired by the potential for holistic approaches to support healing on multiple levels, Kelly is currently pursuing her Master's of Science in Nursing focused on Holistic Nurse Coaching at Pacific College of Health & Science. This advanced training equips her with a comprehensive understanding of holistic healing principles and empowers her to guide individuals on their unique healing journeys.

Her healing practice is rooted in love, safety, and compassion, offering a holistic approach that honors the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Kelly is committed to empowering others to embrace their innate healing abilities, find balance and harmony, and create lives filled with hope and well-being.

Follow Kelly's journey @hopewithkelly

Kody Hetherington

Kody discovered the profound beauty of yoga philosophy from her first yoga teacher. With years of practice and trainings, she has cultivated a deep understanding of various yoga traditions and philosophies.

Her dedication to her own personal growth has allowed her to tap into that wisdom in her journey and inspire others along the way. Sharing this practice in a way that is accessible to everyone, to help heal people and the planet became a part of her life's mission and purpose.

Beyond the mat, Kody extends her passion for well-being to the broader community. She organizes workshops, and community events that offer a safe space for personal growth and connection.

Whether you are a beginner seeking a solid foundation or an experienced yogi looking to deepen your practice, Kody's classes provide individual attention, hands-on adjustments, and customized modifications to ensure that every practitioner feels supported and empowered.

Follow Kody's journey @kody__marie

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