Special Events & Workshops

Thursday, Sept 14th

6:30 pm

Entheobreath & Kava Ceremony : A Deep Dive Into The Subconscious

Join us for an Entheobreath session followed by a heart-opening Kava ceremony, an ancient Pacific Islands ritual known for easing stress and anxiety.

This transformative healing technique uses conscious, connected breathing to delve deep into your subconscious mind, unlocking stored experiences and beliefs. Clear limiting beliefs and trauma, elevate your vibration, and experience a more empowered life.

Leave feeling calm, connected, and clear.

Ticket: $65

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Sunday, Sept 24th

7 pm

The Gong Bath

A gong bath is an immersive sound healing experience that involves the playing of gongs to create a soundscape of grounding vibrations.

Participants typically lie down in a comfortable position while the gong master strikes the gongs with mallets, producing a rich tapestry of resonant tones that wash over the body and mind.

The term "bath" refers to the idea that the waves of sound envelop the listener, much like being bathed in sound, ultimately offering a rejuvenating and harmonizing experience for both body and spirit.

Drop-in: $25 or use your class pack

Thursday, Sept 28th

6:30 pm

Moonlight Gratitude - Full Moon Circle

Learn how to harness the energy of the moon’s phases; a beautiful reminder that life is cyclical.

We will begin with journaling prompts and discussion, followed by a yin + reiki session. Each circle ends with a guided meditation.

This is a time of personal reflection and conversation. Welcome peace and intention into your month by giving yourself the gift of community, stillness, and reflection.

Ticket: $40

Friday, Sept 29th

6:30 pm

Activate Your Power: Shamanic Breathwork Journey

Clearing the way and making room for expansion, we will utilize our breath to connect our mind. body, and spirit, and then shift into a guided shamanic journey to allow us to explore the depths of our own inherent power. Explore how deep your light runs and bring it to the forefront, embodying it in your everyday life.

In this safe space, we will flow through heart-opening cacao meditation, a shamanic journey, and an activated breathwork experience.

Ticket: $44

Friday, Sept 22nd

6:30 pm

The Sacred Self-Care & Energy Healing Circle

Join holistic nurse Kelly for a cozy September gathering where she expertly nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. Through guided meditation, let go of stress; with Reiki energy healing, find balance; and through sound healing, immerse in soothing frequencies. This is more than a healing session; it's a community of like-minded individuals connecting in a safe space for self-discovery and holistic wellness.

Ticket: $35

Saturday, Sept 30th & Sunday, Oct 1st

Yoga Nidra Training

Throughout this training, you will learn how to deepen your own Yoga Nidra practice and also how to hold space and guide others through this liberating and transformational experience.

Yoga Alliance - 30 hours CEU