Weekly Classes

Deep Yin ~ Mondays @ 7:30pm

Journey into the depths of stillness with 'Deep Yin' Yoga. This class invites you to surrender to gravity, soften into poses, and listen to your body in prolonged stretches that target deep connective tissues. Releasing tension right at your "edge" is at the heart of Deep Yin.

Deep Rest ~ Tuesdays @ 6:30pm and most Thursdays @ 7pm

In this candlelit class, we combine the deep tissue stretches of yin yoga with the healing, supported postures of restorative yoga. Every pose is a journey inward, encouraging you to release tension and meditate on your deepest desires.

Yin + Reiki ~ Wednesdays @ 5:15pm

The Yin + Reiki class combines gentle yin yoga poses with the healing energy of Reiki, creating a harmonious experience that promotes deep relaxation and balance. Reiki, a Japanese energy healing technique, involves the gentle laying on of hands to channel universal life energy, enhancing the body's natural healing abilities.

Guided Breathwork ~ Wednesdays @ 7pm

Join us for a mid-week shakeup! This practice involves rhythmic and deep breathing techniques that induce altered states of consciousness. Not suitable for people with serious respiratory or cardiac issues or for pregnant women.

The Gong Bath ~ Sundays @ 7pm

The term "Gong Bath" is metaphorical, suggesting that the sounds and vibrations are like a bath for the mind and body, cleansing and rejuvenating on a subtle level. The experience is often described as deeply immersive, inducing a state of deep relaxation, altered consciousness, and sometimes even a meditative or trance-like state.

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