Weekly Classes

Conscious Connected Breathwork ~ Mondays @ 4:00PM

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a unique combination of conscious-connected rhythmic breathing and powerful breath holds that enable you to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Dive into the experience, and you might encounter deep emotional release, ego dissolution, psychedelic sensations, and even visuals. Through this process, you'll move beyond your thinking mind and tap into your inner wisdom.

Deep Yin ~ Mondays @ 6:45 PM

Journey into the depths of stillness with 'Deep Yin' Yoga. This class invites you to surrender to gravity, soften into poses, and listen to your body in prolonged stretches that target deep connective tissues. Releasing tension right at your "edge" is at the heart of Deep Yin.

Slow Flow ~ Tuesdays @ 9:30AM

This class offers a gentle and introspective approach to yoga, allowing you to cultivate mindfulness, flexibility, and inner peace. You will transition through poses, syncing each movement with the rhythm of your breath. The slow, deliberate pace of the class encourages a deeper connection to your body and the present moment.

Yin + Reiki ~ Wednesdays @ 5:30PM

The Yin + Reiki class combines gentle yin yoga poses with the healing energy of Reiki, creating a harmonious experience that promotes deep relaxation and balance. Reiki, a Japanese energy healing technique, involves the gentle laying on of hands to channel universal life energy, enhancing the body's natural healing abilities.

Conscious Connected Breathwork ~ Wednesdays @ 7:00PM

Join us for a mid-week shakeup! This practice involves rhythmic and deep breathing techniques that induce altered states of consciousness.

Yoga Nidra + Sound ~ Thursdays @ 6:00PM

Imagine an extended "deluxe" savasana. This journey starts with long exhales and moves into a yoga nidra meditation.

Yin + Nidra ~ Select Fridays @ 5:00PM

Welcome deep calm and reset your nervous system with this restorative practice.

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